Unisex toilets

All students should have access to toilets on campus that respect their gender identity.

Toilets for all

All campus buildings should provide access to female, male, gender-free, and disabled toilets. While anyone can use a gender neutral toilet, they are particularly important for students and staff

  • who may feel uncomfortable in or unable to use gendered bathrooms.
  • who transition from female to male, or from male to female.
  • who don’t identify as female or male.
  • whose gender is sometimes misread.
Depending on the toilet facilities, some toilets are easily transformed into gender-neutral toilets by signage. For small buildings providing gender neutral toilets may include signposting access to these toilets within other reasonably nearby buildings. Multi-cubicle toilets require more planning, and it is important to bear in mind that there are people who want to continue using gender-specific toilets rather than gender-free alternatives.


The University of Edinburgh is providing a map for gender neutral toilets.
Examples of signs for unisex toilets

Examples for gender neutral toilet signage

Sources: The University of Edingburgh