Room of silence

A silent room is for everybody who might need it. It could be made accessible to students who would like to meditate, pray or rest, take a nap, need a silent break or are just sensitive to noise and strong stimuli on a busy campus. Some may wish to use it for breastfeeding their babies.

The two photos below illustrate examples of rooms of silence.

At Laurea UAS, the following rules apply:

1. The space is open for everybody without any reservations.
2. The space can be used for any religious practices and prayer. It is not reserved for any affiliations or convictions.
3. The space is a computer and phone free zone. There are other spaces for study and team work.
4. Food and refreshments are to be enjoyed in other spaces.

Process for inclusive evaluation and feedback
Process for inclusive evaluation and feedback

Sources: First photo from Laurea UAS in Finland and the second photo from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.