Interfaith meditation rooms

The Interfaith Meditation Room provides a sanctuary where people of all faiths and religious traditions may retreat for prayer, meditation,

spiritual activities, or simply some quiet time to spend with their thoughts.

Possible implementation of an Silent Room

  • Ask about the needs of specific religious communities and groups in the university for the implementation and using of an silent room
  • Involves different students and staff from different faith communities and with different needs in the implementation of an silent room
  • Try to reconcile all wishes and needs in the best possible way without ignoring the needs of a group or be deemed less important

if it is really also to be used as a place to pray by all believers, certain aspects must be taken into account which are important for the faith communities

Think about:

  • What is needed to pray
  • Could there be factors that do not allow them to use the space of their faith accordingly for prayer.
  • It is easy to reach this rooms and use it within possible time (next lessons)
  • Is enough privacy given

Possible Solutions:

  • Create a shelf with the utensils (such as prayer carpet and so on)
  • Creation of private sphere (Some people who pray or nursing mothers want to do this in peace or private environment)
    • Partition walls so that you can separate during prayer or breastfeedin
      • Keep the possibility open that the rooms are available for certain groups on their own at certain times (praying communities, nursing mothers etc.)
  • A nearby washroom necessary for the ritual washing of the prayer of some religious communities
  • Maybe a dressing room to put on prayer dresses or comfortable clothing for meditation
  • Define areas in the room that can only be entered barefoot or are for the special needs possibly separated

Possible Suiet Room Rules:

  •  Mobile phone use is not allowed in the room
  • Conversations ist o keep an absolute minimum.
  • Nursing mothers are welcome, but it is NOT a play room for children.
  • When people are praying, try to keep silent
  • It is not allowed to eat inside

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