Example guides to religions

Understanding the religious beliefs of your students and colleagues may turn out to be valuable when planning lessons or meet-ups. Some dates should for instance be avoided if they host major celebrations for people of certain groups or religions. Reviewing the underlying principles of various religions may have you realize why people act or are the way they are. Some example guides are given here. You are encouraged to find other guides to support your planning and widen your understanding of diversity-related matters.

A Quick Guide to Ramadan

You can access the guide produced by the Vancouver Campus of The British University of Columbia at https://equity.ubc.ca/news-and-stories/ramadan-a-quick-guide/

Buddhism for Beginners

Buddhism is another major world religion. Visit the website https://tricycle.org/beginners/ to understand more.

candles in a row burning

Image: Pixabay.com

Sources:  A Quick Guide to Ramadan by University of British Colombia, Equity & Inclusion Office Vancouver Campus, Buddhism for Beginners by Tricycle