Physical disabilities are manyfold

The purpose of these video clips is to help educational decision-makers to emphatize with students with many kinds of physical challenges. Many of them are not visible for outsiders but pose challenges to learning and succeeding in studies.

Physical disabilities affecting students

Watch thess short video clips showcasing students with different kinds of physical conditions. Reflect on:

  • What could be the solutions for each student?
  • What support is available at your institution to cope with students like this and for them to succeed in their studies?
  • How confident are you that your staff team knows about the available resources?
  • How would you promote inclusivity in these students’ cases?

Adams’s story

Stella’s story (health issues, flexible curricula)

Viewing time 1:34 min

Viewing time 1:37 min

Phyllida’s story (Dyslexia, provision of teaching materials)

Helen’s Story (Disabilities, reasonable adjustment)

Viewing time 1:37 min

Viewing time 1:12 min

James’ Story (special health issues)

Arthur’s story (reasonable adjustment)

Viewing time 1:26 min

Viewing time 1:19 min

Source: Birmingham City University