Male stereotyping: Mugging scenario

These two videos can be watched as a pair, with the first video giving a what-not-to-say model and the second one a model for meeting a male student, who has been mugged at the campus. The reflective questions can be used to facilitate thinking and to promote a discussion or reflection individually. Watch these videos alone or use them in your own training on inclusion and diversity.

Male stereotyping an inappropriate response

Male stereotyping an appropriate response

Viewin time: 1:45

Viewin time: 2:56

To discuss

Watch these two video clips and compare them. Discuss what happened in the first clip. What went wrong in the first scenario. Why?  What was the immediate consequence? What will be the consequences in the long run?
What made the second situation become a more pleasant and useful experience? How can you ensure your staff will act according the appropriate scenario?
These clips can be used for internal staff training or as learning material for students.

Source: Birmingham City University