Inclusion awareness campaing

Student union Laureamko (Finland) has engaged students to develop a  process to raise awarness about student diversity and to prevent any kind of harassment.

Let’s talk about it!

The primary aim of the harassment prevention campaign Let’s talk about it ! is to raise awareness and educate peers about student diversity and about non-inclusive practices. The campaign takes a holistic approach in organizing several different, diversity-related events and activities. These activities can be organized based on the sample illustrated below on a yearly basis or in any kind of suitable rhythm each semester.

The activities are organized and run by the student union Laureamko at Laurea UAS, Finland, and involve volunteers from the student body. Laureamko believes that a peer-action based system is more approachable and credible than a formal institution-led campaign. The concept has been developed in cooperation with Laurea student teams on a Service Design study unit.

Concept prototype illustration: Jasmine Leppäviita 2019, Student at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Laureamko Student Union