“Are you OK” alert button

Making support services available for all students makes studying in an HEI accessible to all. It also fosters student success and ensures a solid academic performance. One way to promote on-campus services, such as counselling services or student affairs services, as well as off-campus services relating to well-being, is to make the website section listing these services visible with a distinctive banner.


How to mark and where to locate the Are You OK section on a HEI website?

  • This section should be clearly marked on the website and accessible to all students.
  • It might be advisable to mark this section with a special symbol, such as a red star, to mark the nature of the services in the section.
  • The banner should be accessible to the student where ever s/he navigates on the website. It should in other words be a stable element on all the sites of your institute’s website.
  • If your institute has a chat box in use, it should be enabled whenever the student enters this section on the website.
  • Having these services readily available enables the student to access suitable help, enabling continued success in academic performance.