Learn the names!

Nothing helps staff to quickly build positive relationships with students than being able to refer to those students by name.

  1. Relationships are known to be important in helping students to feel like they belong and stay on the course.
  2. This can be quite a challenge when you see large numbers of students every week but there are simple techniques that you can use to help you and making the effort will more than repay you and your students.
  3. Positive and respectful relationships with staff are vitally important when it comes to fostering a sense of belonging and are known to be a key element in (a) empowering students to persist and stay on and (b) making it less likely that students will even consider leaving.

Ways of learning your students’ names

Knowing and using students’ names helps to create a less formal atmosphere in class and shows that you are interested in your students as individuals. Learning their names helps to reduce feelings of anonymity and isolation amongst your students.

  • Annotate your registers to prompt/remind you
  • Use seating charts
  • Use student ID photos
  • Learn the names in instalments, a few at a time
  • Ask students to write something about themselves to help you to get to know them better
  • Ask students to introduce each other to the class
  • Use mnemonics

And, very importantly, as you learn the names, make sure you use them often. If you don’t use them, you will lose them!

Source: Birmingham City University