Spend a meeting somewhere that is not your usual place of work to boost creativity and enable a change of perspective.

How does an awayday work?

  • An awayday takes place off-site and away from the participants’ regular office surroundings, usually for a whole day or sometimes a weekend.
  • The intention is to allow the meeting to focus on the particular task at hand without the participants being distracted by the demands which, if the meeting were held in the workplace, would normally be made on their attention.
  • Awaydays could take place in unusual places to allow for a change of perspective and to boost creativity and new ways of thinking.

Why would you have an awayday?

  • Awaydays may give attention to specific issues which are difficult to deal with in the usual setting where operational matters tend to take over.
  • Awaydays offer a good opportunity to exchange different point of views, to discuss different value and knowledge structures and to develop common understanding. Participants should be prepared to challenge each other in an appreciative and respectful manner. A key to success is the quality of the debate.

What not to do?

  • When preparing for the event, don’t put operational topics on the agenda.
  • Decide if an external facilitator would be helpful and if yes a thorough briefing is necessary.
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Source: Seeds for Change. A Consensus Handbook.

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