Writing a postcard or letter to yourself

In order to increase the impact of your seminar/workshop, you can ask the participants to write a postcard or a letter to themselves, which you will send to them at an agreed time after the training. It can be a nice reminder of what they learned.

A useful way for everyone to take time to think about what they have learnt through a workshop or a learning session. Ask the participants to write a letter to themselves that outlines the main things they have learnt, and the changes they would like to bring about. Having the intentions of making change to land on our doormats some weeks later could be just the reminer we need.


  1. Hand out papers or postcards to participants. Explain to the participants that they will write letters or postcards to their future selves. This will help them be reminded of the lessons learnt in the workshop or alternatively it will have them work on the insights towards a goal they or you together have set for the workshop.
  2. Tell the participants you will post the letters or postcards in x weeks or months depending on the time frame set.
  3. Write prompts on the board or hand the questions out. (e.g. What will I achieve next week, in two months? What will I do to achieve my goal? How do I feel about the issue today? How will my future self feel about it in three months?) This is where you can add variation and make the questions as closed or open as required. The postcard or letter could simply contain a few bullet points or alternatively it could be a one-page letter.
  4. Collect the letters or postcards, keep them in a safe place and send them on the agreed date.