Strategic plan, corporate plan

Kingston University,UK: Kingston have embedded inclusivity and diversity into their strategic plan “Kingston University’s corporate plan”, and this has led to mainstreaming it throughout the institution: “Equality diversity and inclusion”.It can serve as an example and idea of how to integrate these issues of diversity and inclusion into the strategic plan of own university.

Kingston University Matters

The University has a proud heritage of educating people and advancing knowledge, making a difference to the world around us and having impact. To secure the academic and financial sustainability of Kingston University we will build on this heritage through our commitment to academic achievement, to learning and innovating within a supportive and inclusive community, and through a balance of scholarship, research and professional practice. The Corporate Plan sets out our overarching goals and character through vision and mission statements and our aims for students, staff and the local and global community.

Professor Steven Spier, Vice-Chancellor
February 2018


Our students will be sought after for their academic achievements, and their ability to shape society and contribute to the economy.


To enhance students’ life chances through inspiring learning, advancing knowledge, innovating professional practice and engaging with society.


Our students:

  • will study a curriculum that equips them with the academic, social, and personal skills to prosper in global and diverse environments;
  • will value their own diversity of backgrounds, identities and experiences;
  • will learn in an environment of encouragement and support;
  • will be part of a physical and virtual campus community;
  • will have varied and extensive opportunities to enhance their practical and professional skills.

Our staff:

  • will engage with the latest scholarship, research and professional practice to deliver the best possible teaching, curriculum, and student experience;
  • will produce research that has impact and contributes to a vibrant learning culture;
  • will have a commitment to inclusive higher education and to helping develop social capital;
  • will have a diversity of backgrounds and identities;
  • will be supported in developing their skills and abilities.

Our local and global community:

  • will seek our research and expertise for its impact on culture, society and industry;
  • will seek our students and graduates as employees, partners and providers of services;
  • will benefit from our commitment to sustainability and support for local and regional communities and groups.

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