Diversity Scorecard

Assess the status of development of Diversity Management of an institution (HEI) by numbers – similar to a Balanced or Academic Scorecard.

Effective assessment

  • focuses on areas that need improvement
  • requires faculty, staff, and student participation
  • includes multiple avenues for feedback.

The Diversity Scorecard is a tool that helps incorporate these criteria into the day-to-day activities within campus communities. This assessment tool emphasizes the notion of the accountability side of diversity. As such it provides the stimulus for the development of an institutional ethos that values a culture of evidence.

Process for inclusive evaluation and feedback

Source: Robinson-Armstrong, A. et al. (2009), The Equity Scorecard. An Effective Tool for Assessing Diversity Initiatives, Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, Vol. 8., p- 31-39.

Do also see NASFAA: Measuring Excellence in Access and Diversity.