Tell, teach, involve and learn

This tool seeks to demonstrate how cognitive, affective and behavioural competences inform each other.

This video seeks to demonstrate how active student engagement can be achieved by drawing on a three-stage teaching/learning format. The aim is to test appropriate conflict resolution skills and to make situational and contextual communication patterns perceptible.

  • First, cognitive learning goals are set in the areas of knowledge and understanding.
  • Second, students are trained in the affective dimension, i.e. in increased awareness of social diversity and its consequences, by means of case studies.
  • Finally, it is also necessary to integrate these competences into a behavioural-related skillset. In a concluding role-play, which involves the entire cohort, the cognitive skills are tested, the affective skills are made tangible and the behavioural skills are tried out in the context of intercultural negotiation.

Tell, teach, involve and learn

Viewing time: 8 min

Source: University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria