Inclusive procedure at an HEI / Special educational needs arrangement

This tool enables each student in need of special educational arrangements to have her/his needs met. It also removes the need of the student having to explain the array of issues to each teacher multiple times.

  • Once a student has met a special needs teacher or a student counselor and the need for special educational arrangements has been clarified, the arrangements the student would benefit from are listed.
  • The list can be a paper or it could even be an app developed for this purpose.
  • The list gives the arrangements the student needs, such as extended time for taking exams, quiet room for taking exams, course resources made available to the student(s) prior to them being covered in a class, access to audio books, oral exams over written exams, a possibility to complement an exam in speaking or any other arrangements that will see the student flourish in studies.
  • The list should be signed by the special needs teacher.
  • When the student starts a new course, s/he can present the list to the teacher in charge of the course. The teacher then knows by studying the document what arrangements will need to be seen to so that the student can be successful and benefit from the course to the fullest.
  • The list should not give any diagnoses.

Source : A model commonly in use in Finnish HEIs.