Toilet paper ice-breaker activity

This hands-on activity is an example of an engaging and inclusive exercise. There are many similar ice-breakers. The toilet paper ice breaker activity can be used to start off a class or a course. It can also be used to initiate a team meeting.

Toilet paper icebreaker activity that embraces diversity

  1. Bring along to the meeting or class a roll of toilet paper.
  2. To play, pass the roll around asking people to rip off as much as they would usually use. Alternatively, you may ask people to take as many pieces as they own pairs of shoes, if you find the toilet business too delicate and do not yet know the group of people well enough.
  3. Once the round is finished, engage the class in a conversation where everyone shares as many fun things about themselves as they have taken toilet paper squares. The topics shared can also be something else that fits the objective of the class or meeting.
  4. If the group is very big, you may wish to have the people share their fun things in smaller groups.
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