Standard matrix for IDM

With this matrix or a similar tool institutions can collect evidence on how staff and students are meeting their responsibilities to embed equality and diversity in the curriculum at the programme level.

 Embedding equality and diversity in learning, teaching and assessment

The aim of a standard matrix is to enable programmes of study to:

  • map where they are in relation to inclusion and diversity management
  • benchmark themselves against best practice standards
  • be supported in developing capacity to embed equality and diversity in learning, teaching and assessment
  • continuously enhance their related practices
  • to work towards narrowing participation and attainment gaps, increasing retention and enriching employability
  • evidence their commitment to and accomplishment of IDM.

The matrix is an update and development of the EEDC framework (May and Thomas, 2010) and EEDC model (Hanesworth, 2015), and is based on the theory articulated in the article Standardising diversity inclusivity (Hanesworth, 2017). It should be read in accompaniment with these.

Process for inclusive evaluation and feedback

Source: Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum: Standard matrix
The Higher Education Academy Scotland