Assessing IDM in curriculum development

Identify how well inclusion and diversity management are part fo your study programmes.

Checklist for diversity and inclusion

With this checklist you can identify how well Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is part of your study programmes. It covers embedding diversity and inclusion into the development processes for and the final configurations of a programme of study, the various pathways a learner might take in traversing it, and the knowledge with which they will interact on the way.

You can assess your own institution by discussing as widely as possible on what level the following criteria apply:
– not applicable
– just slighty developed
– in progress
– sustainably implemented

  • Learning outcomes and/or competence standards do not adversely
    impact on or discriminate against particular students or groups.
  • Content is co-created that is diverse, covering multiple perspectives
    and theoretical standpoints from multiple cultures and backgrounds,
    and that incorporates themes of equality, diversity and cultural
    relativity related to real world scenarios. Curriculum content builds on
    students’ educational interests, experiences and aspirations.
  • Stakeholders inform the design, delivery, and assessment of
    learning and teaching.
  • Programmes provide a range of learning and teaching approaches
    that take account of the diversity of students and build effective
    working relationships.
  • Programmes make appropriate use of technology in the curriculum.
  • The institution provides sufficient organisational flexibility in all
    programmes to accommodate student diversity and individual
  • Unconscious, cultural and disciplinary biases in the co-development
    of programmes are tackled that facilitate accessibility of and flexibility
    in learning journeys.
  • Opportunities for students to engage in the design of the curriculum
    are provided.
  • Staff have access to information, advice, and guidance in order to
    design an inclusive curriculum.
  • Programmes are routinely assessed to ensure that equality groups
    are not adversely affected.

Source: May, H. & Thomas, L. 2010. Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum. Self-evaluation framework.

The framework has been developed by the Higher Education Academy for use by Scottish HEIs and colleges following consultation with representatives from both sectors.