Access to higher education without necessary documents

Asylum seekers, refugees and alike non-traditional applicant groups may have lost their educational documentation. The MORE initiative provides a practical example to enable access for them to higher education in Austria.

MORE – a university initiative for refugees and asylum-seekers by UNIKO

This Austrian initiative supports youth who have lost access to schooling and higher education by fleeing their country. Without support they might grow up to be a part of a lost generation. The initiative builds on three main elements:

  • Courses aiming at providing a space for reflection, orientation in academic and artistic study fields and language trainings. MORE courses are held in every university town in Austria.
  • Perspectives is a platform where refugee academics and scientists can share their knowledge and experiences with the interested public.
  • Activities are open formats that go beyond the academic sphere and help refugee students feel at home.

Read more about the MORE initiative.

Source : Uniko, Austrian University Conference