Open higher education

There are several initiatives for opening higher education for disadvantaged groups. Here we present two of them.

Kiron Campus in Germany

Kiron Campus enables digital, higher education learning opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced persons. The NGO campus also serves underserved communities in the Middle East.  Students can register for free and follow online courses (MOOCs) with the hope that they can later join a regular university and eventually earn a degree.

The online learning platform enables studies anywhere, anytime with skill booster programs, in-depth programs, regional programs & university applications, and language courses.

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Kiron Campus www front page

Deploying competence in Finland

Deploying Competence in Finland Project creates an ecosystem for promoting the integration of highly educated immigrants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Higher education institutions will implement several educational paths for recognition and completion of competence. Each educational model enables rapid transition to an individual career path.

The project strengthens the inclusion and equality, including gender equality, of the multicultural population in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and also promotes the employment and integration of the immigrants with higher education background as active members of the society.

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Deploying competence project by Metropolia UAS

Kiron Campus, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences